Collins, Betti receive new appointments at LLE

Collins, Betti receive new appointments at LLE

Two members of the University of Rochester’s Laboratory for Laser Energetics (LLE) have received new appointments. In these new roles, Gilbert “Rip” Collins and Riccardo Betti will help facilitate LLE partnerships within the University and other academic institutions and expand research in laser, high-energy-density, and fusion sciences.

Collins, a professor of mechanical engineering and of physics and director of Rochester’s high-energy-density physics program, has been appointed associate director for science, technology, and academics at the LLE. As part of his duties, Collins will serve as the interface between the LLE and the River Campus on new initiatives, including developing training for graduate students in high-energy-density science and expanding opportunities for faculty and students to collaborate with researchers at LLE.

“Expanding interaction with the campus for research and education is an increasing focus and strategy for LLE,” says Michael Campbell, LLE director. “Increasing our partnerships with other universities is also an essential component as we look to the future, and there is no one more capable and committed to these goals than Rip Collins.”

Gilbert ‘Rip’ Collins (University of Rochester photo / Eugene Kowaluk, Laboratory for Laser Energetics)

Riccardo Betti (University of Rochester photo / Eugene Kowaluk, Laboratory for Laser Energetics)

Betti, an internationally recognized leader in fusion energy research and the inaugural Robert L. McCrory professor of mechanical engineering and of physics, has been appointed LLE’s chief scientist. In this new role, he will work with Collins and other LLE leadership, staff, and students to ensure the quality and impact of ongoing LLE research.

“LLE is recognized as a research center of excellence in fusion, high-energy-density physics and lasers and optics,” Campbell says. “As we look to the future, innovation will become an increasing focus and strategy. Riccardo is a recognized expert in the science that makes LLE a special place.”

Lindsey Valich, March 2018 (read the original Newscenter story here)

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