Andrea Velasquez ’21E

Andrea Velasquez ’21E

Andrea Velasquez ’21E
Hometown: Kingwood, TX
Major: Applied music (flute)
Scholarships: Joseph Mariano Scholarship for Flute, Hamlin Family Scholarship Fund

Dear Donors,

Thank you for the incredibly generous scholarships and for giving me the opportunity to study at such an amazing school with the best flute professor in the country. It means so much to me that there are people out there who care so much about my education and success. My experience here has been nothing but amazing.

Andrea Velasquez

“I chose Eastman primarily because of the amazing flute professor, Bonita Boyd. Eastman is a world-renowned music school with near-professional ensembles, as well as challenging theory classes, and I knew it would be a place where I could really blossom as a musician. When I auditioned here, I could feel the sense of community amongst the students and faculty, and it was an environment that I really wanted to be a part of.

Before enrolling at Eastman, I was a member of the Houston Youth Symphony, as well as president of my high school band. I was a member of the inaugural year of NYO2, a summer festival run by Carnegie Hall. It has been my first and only summer festival, but it was such an amazing experience to work for 10+ hours each day with musicians of high caliber who love what they do.

During my time at Eastman, I have been a part of the Wind Orchestra, the Eastman School Symphony Orchestra, a woodwind quintet, and a flute quartet.

This summer, I plan to apply for the Texas Music Festival and the Ohio Light Opera. My alternate plan is to work all summer and give private lessons to save up for the following school year. I hope to attend graduate school. It is too soon to tell where I want to apply, but I definitely wish to continue my education. After graduate school, I want to audition for orchestra jobs, as well as teach flute lessons. My dream would be to get a DMA, but that is far in the future!

I owe so much to my mom. She is the main person responsible for me getting here. She is my rock, and was by my side during the entire application process. She pushed me to be the best version of myself. While here at Eastman, my flute professor is the reason for my current success. She is there for me both musically and mentally/emotionally. I always leave my lesson feeling confident and important.

Eastman has been a dream come true. It was always my goal to major in flute performance, but I never thought I would end up at such an amazing place. Getting into Eastman has made me realize that I can do whatever I set my mind to. My self-doubt has decreased because of all of the positive and reassuring people. I know that with an Eastman education, I will be successful in whatever I choose to do.

I grew up in a single parent household. My mom cleans houses to support my brother and me. My dad was deported when I was nine years old, and does not help us financially. Without such incredibly kind donors, I would not be attending this school. The tuition here is too high for my family to afford, so we are incredibly blessed that I received these generous scholarships.”

Support a deserving scholar
To learn how you can help students realize their academic and musical dreams, contact Cathy Hain, Assistant Vice President of Advancement, at (585) 274-1045.

The Joseph Mariano Scholarship for Flute provides support to students studying that instrument at Eastman, and the Hamlin Family Scholarship Fund supports passionate musicians whose financial considerations make enrollment nearly impossible. The Hamlin Family Scholarship was established in 2016 by Mary M. and George W. Hamlin, IV. The Joseph Mariano Scholarship for Flute was established in 2007 with gifts from family and friends to honor the memory of Joseph Mariano.

—Story compiled by Kristine Thompson, with quotes and content directly from Andrea Velasquez, April 2018


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