Allison Morningstar ’19

Allison Morningstar ’19

Allison Morningstar ’19
Major: Neuroscience
Hometown: York, PA
Carolyn E. and Jeffrey A. Stone MD Current Use Undergraduate Scholarship recipient

Allison Morningstar is now a thriving undergraduate at the University of Rochester, but she admits that wasn’t always the case. As a sophomore, consumed by her rigorous course load as a neuroscience major, learning she would receive the Stones’ scholarship couldn’t have come at a better time. “I was overwhelmed and beginning to have doubts about being here,” says Allison. “This scholarship validated that there are people who believe in me and who thought I deserved to be here.”

Growing up in rural Pennsylvania, Allison was drawn to Rochester’s diverse and international student body, academic clusters, and world-class Medical Center. As a first-generation college student, she needed financial support to make her Rochester dream a reality. Having the Stones’ scholarship means she doesn’t have to work as much as a student employee, giving her time to be an active participant in campus life as a teaching assistant, director of community programming for her residence hall, intramural athletics coordinator, and a sister in her sorority, Alpha Phi. She is also a research assistant at Strong Memorial Hospital’s Holt Lab.

“It’s amazing that these two people, who a year ago didn’t know me, are so committed to my success,” says Allison. “Not only have the Stones helped me experience the University in a new way, they’ve renewed my commitment to do my best and work harder every day, because I belong here.”

Jeffrey A. Stone ’87, ’91M (MD) and Carolyn E. Stone ’87

Carolyn E. and Jeffrey A. Stone MD Current Use Undergraduate Scholarship 

For Jeff and Carolyn Stone, the University of Rochester is more than the place they received their degrees; it is where they met, and eventually married. “Our whole life really started in Rochester,” says Carolyn. “It was the foundation for us, personally and professionally, and has given us so many opportunities.”

The Stones’ personal connection to the University, coupled with their own experiences as students, motivated them to create two endowed scholarships for students at the University and Medical School. An undergraduate scholarship recipient herself, Carolyn understands how life-changing financial assistance can be for some students. “I came to Rochester from Florida, one of five children, and at one point I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to stay—that was hard,” she says. “Financial stress can affect students so much, and sometimes you can lose track of why you’re actually there,” adds Jeff. “Being able to offset some of that stress for students, and allowing them the opportunity to immerse themselves in the University, is truly the gift that keeps giving back,” he says.

For the Stones, meeting students like Allison Morningstar has only reaffirmed their commitment to such a special place in their lives. “Seeing college through her eyes makes us even more proud of the University, its values, and its commitment to creating opportunities for quality students like Allison,” says Jeff.

Support a deserving scholar
To learn how you can help students like Allison Morningstar realize their academic dreams and potential, contact Stephen A. Dare, Senior Associate Vice President for University Advancement for Academic Relations, at (585) 275-7530.

Jeff and Carolyn are members of the George Eastman Circle, and Carolyn currently sits on the Arts, Sciences & Engineering National Council. The Stones also lend their support through the Carolyn E. Stone and Jeffrey A. Stone, MD Endowed Undergraduate Student Scholarship and the Jeffrey A. Stone, MD and Carolyn E. Stone Endowed Medical Student Scholarship.

—Meghan Goff, April 2017


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