Volunteer Spotlight: Kayleigh Stampfler ’08

Volunteer Spotlight: Kayleigh Stampfler ’08

“There are series of moments that allowed me to build my own community—composed of different places and people—that are a direct result of my status as a student at the University of Rochester. I spent my time working, volunteering in the community, and building my own life that included the University.  This has allowed me to cultivate a special long-term relationship that I value.”

Kayleigh Rae Stampfler ’08 reflects back at her time at the University as one that made so much possible. From her first volunteer position, to her first job, to allowing her to hone the skills that she uses in her present career, UR created opportunities and connections that Kayleigh seized eagerly along the way.

Her sense of duty to pay it forward was the very reason that she sought out someone from the University to learn more about volunteering. She now serves on the recently-formed University of Rochester Alumni Board, the Young Alumni Council, and the Rochester Network Leadership Cabinet. She is most inspired by potential.

In her position, as Senior Philanthropic Advisor at the Rochester Area Community Foundation and as the volunteer co-chair of RocCity Coalition, Kayleigh stays aware of the striking level of need in the community by engaging with donors, nonprofit professionals, and dedicated volunteers. Giving of her time comes naturally. “I know that when I go to work each morning that I can, and will, raise more money to improve our community… Something can always be better. Seeing people live through adversity, and seeing what they have been able to accomplish despite their adversity, is moving. They have a full, honest, and genuine appreciation. They don’t lose faith. They hope for a better tomorrow. I strive to bring that perspective to my daily life, but also to my various roles as a volunteer.”

It’s clear that this ethos is part of Kayleigh’s core, and it benefits the entire University family. “There need to be allies to the various alumni communities at the table. When we look around the hypothetical table, are we missing someone? I enjoy most connecting with alumni from diverse perspectives and making sure they are represented with me as a volunteer in the work that we do to give back to the University. It allows us to fulfill needs, and make sure we are communicating in the best possible ways. I see it as my duty to be the connector, to rally others, and remind them that it’s important to remember where you came from.”

When asked why it’s important to volunteer and give of your time and talent, Kayleigh, without hesitation, offers this:

“It feels good to make the University of Rochester a priority for my philanthropy and my time. I can finally say ‘thank you’ in a way that’s commensurate with my ability and skills.”

If you’re interested in learning about more volunteer opportunities visit our volunteer webpage, contact Alumni Relations through email, or call 877-MELIORA (635-4672).

Emily Gillette, January 2018

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