A quick look at the Class of 2021

A quick look at the Class of 2021

This week, the members of the College Class of 2021 move into their new homes on the River Campus.

The nearly 1,500 students were selected from among more than 18,000 applicants—a record number. A high-achieving group, they claim an average unweighted GPA of 3.8, with more than 90 percent completing full honors, International Baccalaureate diploma, A-level, or Advanced Placement programs.

More than 1,400 students will arrive on River Campus this year as the new Class of 2021. (University photo / J. Adam Fenster)

They’re also a diverse group. The class includes veterans, students with disabilities, students of all ages and income levels, and 17 percent from traditionally underrepresented groups (African American, Native American, and Hispanic).

And they reflect the efforts of the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid to attract a global applicant pool.
The students in the Class of 2021 come not only from 42 states, but also from 105 countries, with 32 percent coming from nations outside the United States.

Top 10 states represented

New York
New Jersey

Top 10 countries represented

South Africa
United Kingdom
South Korea


Learn more from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions about the Class of 2021

Jim Mandelaro, August 2017

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