More opportunity, stronger community

More opportunity, stronger community

When you think about the ways that you might be able to change a person’s life, where does music fall on that list? If you’re Alexander Peña ʼ10E, ʼ13E (MM), it’s at the top.

Peña is a passionate advocate of music’s power to transform lives, making him ideally suited for his role as director of ROCmusic. A partnership that includes six community organizations, including the Eastman School of Music, ROCmusic is a tuition-free, classical music education program for urban youth within economically disadvantaged Rochester neighborhoods.

Meals, instruments, and transportation are all covered under the program. But for Peña, the most important offerings are access and opportunity, both of which he’s working to increase.


Be a Music Maker
Through ROCmusic, you can introduce children and their families to the experience of playing and appreciating classical music. Your support can help inspire a love of learning, teach responsibility and respect, and promote academic success. ROCmusic is proving that music can be a vessel for social change. See for yourself.

To learn more about ROCmusic and how you can support its mission, visit ROCmusic online or contact Cathy Hain, executive director of Advancement for the Eastman School of Music.


—Matt Cook, May 2017

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