Partners in Revitalization

Partners in Revitalization

Fixing the broken K-12 education system in the City of Rochester—and in so many cities across the country—remains a fundamental challenge. Raised by a single mother in a poverty-stricken area of Buffalo, Shaun Nelms is all-too familiar with the struggles facing urban youth. Now, he leads the charge to radically transform the culture at East High, the largest high school in Rochester, which was on the verge of being closed by the New York State Department of Education.

Here, the East High superintendent and Warner School of Education associate professor discusses the challenges of urban education, and how engaging students, and parents, to realize their full potential can revitalize East High and the surrounding community.


Show your community spirit
Learn more about the partnership between the University of Rochester and East High, and the implications this unprecedented project could have on urban education across the country. To support K-12 education through the Warner School of Education, contact Preston Faulkner, Senior Direct of Advancement for the Warner School.


—Margaret Bogumil, May 2017


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