Inside out

Our buildings, classrooms, theaters, labs, and libraries—all of our campus spaces—are made up of more than mere bricks and mortar. They comprise our students and scholars, patients and patrons, and families and faculty members. For them, our buildings and spaces facilitate what is so important to them and to all of us—discovery, healing, scholarship, and creativity.

In its first year, the Levine Autism Clinic has benefited countless patients and families throughout our region. Read their stories, and learn more about the clinic’s growing impact in our community.

Explore the Memorial Art Gallery’s Centennial Sculpture Park through this interactive look at four diverse works of art, and learn how the Sculpture Park is making art more accessible for all.

Many University of Rochester love stories began in the halls, tunnels, and green spaces around our campuses. Explore this interactive map to learn about some of these couples and where they met.

Today’s college students are exploring religion and spirituality in new and different ways. Long established as “a house of prayer for all people,” the Interfaith Chapel continues to support the University’s increasingly diverse faith communities.

Wilmot Cancer Institute is where Heather Garigen found the expertise, comfort, and care she needed after learning she had breast cancer while pregnant with her third child.

Golisano’s NICU has long provided exceptional care for our region’s smallest patients, and now, its new design is putting families first.

For dancers and other performers, space is of critical importance—it is a bridge to expression and creativity and it provides a foundation and backdrop for all those involved in a production to learn, grow, and connect.

Did you know there’s a wash tub hanging from the ceiling at Kodak Hall? Or that Frank Sinatra sang here with Tommy Dorsey? Or that there might be a ghost wandering the halls of Rush Rhees Library?

Campus spaces are home to many memories for students, faculty, and the University’s broad community. Take a visual walk through some of these spaces, and see how they’ve changed over the years.

Rochester students acquire a specific lingo that becomes ingrained in their everyday conversations, and, eventually, the vocabulary becomes part of their identity. A graduating senior offers a primer on some River Campus lingo. Have you Tapingo-ed Dfo?