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Student Thank You Notes

In the spirit of gratitude, these Rochester students took a moment to reflect on what they’re grateful for this year. #URgrateful

Mohammed Bah

“At the University of Rochester, I have had the privilege of experiencing a sense of community that is unsurpassed. I remain grateful to UofR for providing me with the opportunity to participate in and improve this community that truly exemplifies the values of MELIORA. This experience is very valuable to me. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all of my professors, university staff, and my fellow student body members for making my UofR experience so enriching. I feel proud to have had the opportunity to study here and to be part of the community and institutional culture. My time at the UofR has provided me with the chance to build relationships that will last a lifetime.”

Mohammed Bah ’23
Major: Political Science
Minor: Computer Science and History
Hometown: Monrovia, Liberia

Evan Coleman

“I am grateful for the University of Rochester for providing me with more opportunities than I could have hoped for. Through my academics, extracurricular activities, and work experience, I have been able to build imperative skills and relationships that will continue to serve me long after I graduate.”

Evan Coleman ‘23
Major: Mathematics and Financial Economics
Minor: Legal Studies
Hometown: Hamilton, NJ

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“The community I’ve found here has meant the absolute world to me.”

Kimberly Heagerty ‘23
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Hometown:Mexico, NY

Rebecca Hibbbard

“I’m grateful for the friendships and relationships I made here. I’m grateful for the education. The challenge to learn, to listen, and to connect. It inspired my personal growth.”

Rebecca Hibbard ‘23
Major: Microbiology and Philosophy
Hometown: Woodbury, CT

Jennifer Jordahl

“I’m grateful for all of the amazing opportunities UR has provided me. Throughout my time here, I have gotten to make my mark by having participating and leading events and programs that positively impact the university community. I’m also grateful for meeting the most amazing friends, professors, and mentors here at UR.”

Jennifer Jordahl ‘23
Major: Psychology and Religion
Minor: Political Science
Hometown: Arlington, MA

Madison King

“In my time at the University of Rochester I’ve discovered a major that I love, made friendships that will last for years to come and found a home in my involvement with organizations. The faculty here is very willing to help you succeed and I’m so thankful for the collaborative community of people that is present at this school. Everyone is always willing to help others and truly wants to see everyone succeed. Most of all though I want to thank Ballet Performance Group for giving me the opportunity to keep dancing and even try choreographing with an amazing group of people who feel like a family. I appreciate everyone who has worked to make the University of Rochester community ever better. ”

Madison King ‘23
Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering
Hometown: Syracuse, NY

Otsile Rantshabeng

“To say I am where I am today because of my abilities alone, would be leading you astray, because it means I haven’t done the best of jobs in giving recognition and appreciation where it’s due. Most of the time, the journey of an international student is viewed with rose tinted glasses, bringing better education, better opportunities, more resources, and a better standard of living, which is all true, but the other side of this is often overlooked. That is, the sacrifices, the discomfort, the loneliness, and the losses that may be experienced while studying overseas. Having experienced my own fair share of mountains to climb over, I am immensely grateful for the people, spaces, departments, and offices that I have been involved with during my time here, for without their extended kindness, love and support, the mountains that were once in front of me would not be far behind me, and barely visible in the distance. Thank you! ”

Damien Otsile Rantshabeng ‘24
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Mmadinare, Botswana

“Being an international student from India I was a little apprehensive in the start but now I can confidently say that choosing the University of Rochester is one of the best decisions I have made. The whole environment here is so motivating, the people are so warm and helpful. In the classroom, the professor was extremely good. Outside the classroom, the various resources provided by the university have helped me gain different skills. Through the Greene centre I have been able to work towards my professional careers. This university has not only supported my endeavours of pursuing a US education but also given me many many memories and friendships.”

Abivanth Kanoi ‘25
Major: B.S. in Business Finance, B.A. in Data Science
Hometown: Kolkata, India

“I am extremely grateful to the University of Rochester because the university has gone out of their way to guide first generation students in their beginning steps towards a higher education. The Kearns Center has been an extremely helpful tool as well as the academic advisors. Nothing has been difficult to navigate because there are so many helpful tools at the university. Thank you so much University of Rochester!”

Haley Nelson ‘26
Major: Theater and Creative Writing
Minor: Psychology
Hometown: Vidor, TX

“I am grateful for the people I have met at the University of Rochester, for the community I’ve become part of, and for the academic support I’ve received.”

Praise Mokayi ‘24
Major: Biology
Hometown: Bronx, NY

“I am grateful for the Eastman School of Music for providing me with an excellent learning environment and a supportive community. Every day, the wonderful educators and peers around me inspire me to learn and grow as a musician and also as a person as a whole. I will always cherish all that I have been fortunate enough to experience and learn at Eastman!”

Sumire Stephanie Tateiwa ‘23
Major: Double Major in Jazz Saxophone and Music Teaching & Learning
Hometown: Westchester, NY

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