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Student Thank You Notes

In the spirit of gratitude, these Rochester students took a moment to reflect on what they’re grateful for this year. #URgrateful

“For a first-time international student attending school outside my country, I had my own apprehensions. But the University of Rochester did not disappoint me. I’m really grateful for the University’s help especially during the pandemic when I lost my internship and was struggling to make the ends meet. Added to this, I had to get a tooth extraction done; the sad part – my health insurance didn’t cover dental expenses. Dean Andrew from Simon went above and beyond to connect me with the Dean of the Eastman Institute for Oral Health. The University gave me a heavy discount on the expenses. The Needs Hub went a step further and covered all my expenses for my medical treatment. I could not be more grateful and am happy that I’m a part of such a warm and welcoming community.”

Sanket Gomase ’20S (MS)
Hometown: Nagpur, India

“The University of Rochester has given me many opportunities including the chance to pursue my passions inside and outside of the classroom, develop the skills I need to become a leader, and learn from some truly amazing professors. However, I must say that none of these gifts quite compare to the gift of friendship that this school has given me. I am extremely grateful for the kind and wonderful people who have made my experience ever better.”

Fariha Haque ‘22
Major: Mathematics and Financial Economics
Minor: Spanish
Hometown: Wilmington, MA

“I’m really grateful for the endless opportunities UR and Eastman have opened up for me. Since my first year here, I have had the chance to learn what it takes to plan the school’s centennial celebration, to become the bridge between students and alumni as a student alumni ambassador, and be an advocate for the performing arts as an Arts Leadership certificate candidate. As a student of UR/Eastman, I am grateful for the opportunities to build relationships that I know will last beyond my time at school.”

Hannah Kim ‘22E
Major: Violin Performance
Hometown: Houston, TX

“During my time as a student at the Eastman School and the greater University of Rochester, I’ve been able to experience an incredible sense of community that will undoubtedly stay with me for the rest of my life. I am grateful for the opportunities provided by the University to engage and better this community in a hands-on way that truly reflects the thoughts and feelings of every single student, staff, and faculty member. As my senior year has progressed, I’ve realized that I am endlessly appreciative to all of my professors for encouraging my colleagues and myself to search for who we are and how we can better our surrounding communities, outside of both the classroom and performance hall!”

Ela Kodžas ‘21E
Major: Applied Performance (Violin)
Hometown: Rochester, NY

“I am grateful to the University of Rochester for giving the space to be in a safe, supportive and inclusive community. I am thankful for all the wonderful people I have interacted with here, including my friends, fellow students, staff and the professors who are super approachable both in and outside the classroom. The support of the entire community helps foster a sense of belonging and makes me feel fortunate to have the opportunity of being a student here.”

Fariha Raisa ‘22
Major: Economics and Applied Mathematics
Hometown: Dhaka, Bangladesh

“I’m grateful for the ability to take a diverse range classes and study everything that interests me. I’m grateful to have professors that really care about the students and are able to accommodate our different learning styles. I am grateful to be able to participate in fully student run and supported theatre productions with the club The Opposite of People. Overall, I’m just grateful to attend the University of Rochester.”

Mekayla Sullivan ‘22
Major: Environmental Science and American Sign Language
Hometown: Sharon, MA

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