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Spring Baseball Trip

This year, the Yellowjackets traveled to San Antonio for their annual spring training trip March 7 – 12. In addition to playing against top-ranked Trinity University, San Antonio provided the perfect backdrop for players to experience as much outdoor practice as possible in preparation for the 2019 season. Players and coaches can attest to the importance of trips like these, providing time away from campus to strategize for the season ahead and build a bond that serves as the foundation of their teamwork.


A message from Coach Reina

Pat, on behalf of the entire UR baseball team, I can’t thank you enough for your gift to fund our most recent spring training trip. These trips can pose a significant financial hardship for our players, and in the past, has meant that some athletes aren’t able to attend. This year, because of your gift, we had the opportunity to prepare for a successful season together.

As I’m sure you remember from your years in Rochester, we battle the elements for the first six weeks of pre-season. A trip to a warmer location like San Antonio isn’t just enjoyable, it’s transformative. It allows our players to practice, play, and get the much needed repetitions that can’t be simulated inside. Additionally, our players and coaches bond with one another outside of their day-to-day campus lives. Rooming together, sharing vans, and being around one another all day gives our players and coaches the unique opportunity to see different sides of one another. This type of bonding is crucial to our success as a team, especially early on in the season.

This year, we had the chance to play against top-ranked Trinity University. These games were very close, and showed our players firsthand that we can compete at a higher level. With a team as young as we are, it builds confidence and has significantly changed the course of our program.

Our entire team and coaching staff look forward to another great season, which, thanks to your generosity, is already off to a great start!

Update – Liberty League Championship Victory

Highlights from the trip

March 8 – March 10

The Yellowjackets played three games against Trinity University, then ranked number four in the nation. Highlights included:

Game 1:

  • Jack Denzer pitching 5 innings in his home state with 3 earned runs and 4 strikeouts
  • Kyle Trombley going 1-4 with a triple
  • Jake Hertz going 2-4

Game 2:

  • Jake Hertz going 3-5 with 2 RBI and 1 run
  • Harper Sy going 2-4 with a double

Game 3:

  • Jack Herman homered to left field
  • Steve Pickering going 2-4

March 9

Our parents and families are often some of the team’s biggest supporters and, this year, many traveled to join the team in San Antonio! Spring training trips have seen a greater show of parents in recent years and, Saturday evening, more than 100 players and parents came together for the annual team dinner.

March 11 – 12

The team traveled to Dallas where they scrimmaged North Lake College before touring the AT&T Stadium.


Thank you, Mr. Ryan

Jack Denzer ’19

Lewisville, TX

“As a Texas native it was great to come home to play baseball and see my family. Our entire team appreciated playing ball in great weather and having the opportunity to practice and play outside this early in the season will only help us moving forward. Taking a trip as a team is such a terrific bonding experience and this trip definitely brought us all much closer.”

What’s next: This summer, Denzer will be starting his career as an investment banking analyst at Freeman & Co. in Manhattan.

Harper Sy ’22

Manila, Philippines

“Getting to play one of the top ranked D-III baseball teams in the country forced us to set a higher standard for the rest of the season because we experienced what it takes to beat NCAA Champion caliber teams. This trip proved that we have the potential to hoist that trophy up too.”

What’s next: Sy is pursuing a degree in business management with hopes of working for a domestic or international sports organization.

Jake Hertz ’20

Briarcliff Manor, NY

“Having the ability to play games early in the season helps us in so many ways—we get ahead of our competition up North by playing top quality teams, and we can get started earlier. We’re able to play more games midweek during the remaining season, freeing up our schedules and allowing us to focus on academics. We’re a better team, and better students, because of this trip!”

What’s next: Hertz plans to pursue a career as an electrical engineer, developing new consumer technology and eventually start his own business in the tech space.

David Rieth ’20

Catcher/1st Base
Tierra Verde, FL

“Thank you for allowing us to escape the cold, if only for a week, to compete against some of the best teams in the country. It was an invaluable and unforgettable experience, both on and off the field!”

What’s next: After graduation, Rieth would like work in real estate finance or financial planning.

“The spring trip allows the team an opportunity to play competitive games long before they could in Rochester, helping them prepare for the season ahead. For me, it provides the chance to spend a little time with my son away from the distractions of home and school. We try to do some sightseeing and get a feel for the local culture. The parent and player dinner is always a highlight, giving the extended baseball family a chance to interact in a relaxed environment.”

Rob Renslow
Parent of Garrett Renslow ’20

Thank You, Mr. Ryan!

Thank you, Pat, for the tremendous impact you’ve made on our entire team. Your generosity has positioned us for success as we prepare for another great season.

For more information on the Yellowjacket’s upcoming season, visit the UR Baseball website.

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