10 Things to Talk about
Besides the Weather.

It happens all the time: mention the University of Rochester, and people’s first reaction is to make a joke about the weather.

Here are some suggested responses:


Our medical school is as hard to get into as Harvard’s or Yale’s.


Our researchers developed the first vaccine specifically designed to prevent cancer.


The New York Times says we have one of the more innovative liberal arts undergraduate programs in the country.


Google was the top private sector internship employer in summer 2016 through the Gwen M. Greene Career and Internship Center.


Our nationally funded laser lab is home to two of the world’s most powerful lasers.


The Financial Times ranked Simon Business School second in finance in 2017.


The first African-American composer to win the Pulitzer Prize in music was an Eastman School of Music graduate.


Our men’s squash team was ranked #1 in the country during the 2017 season.


The African Leadership Academy in Johannesburg, South Africa,
contributed the second-largest number of students to the class of 2020.


We have a patent on cloaking, and Harry Potter doesn’t.

For the record, a list of 50 coldest U.S. cities does NOT include Rochester.